A book for people married to lawyers.

A book for people married to lawyers.

A book for people married to lawyers.A book for people married to lawyers.A book for people married to lawyers.

About Kimberly

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My Family

Besides being married to a lawyer, we also have two children.  My primary job is taking care of them.  We have a busy life like most families.  Evenings and weekends are spent running kids to activities, making dinner and finishing homework.  During the day, I run lots of errands, do my author thing, and try to avoid housework - lol!  

Our daughter is an active teen with many friends, hobbies and activities.  Softball and singing are her main passions.  She has a keen sense of empathy and a slick sense of humor which makes her an extraordinary writer.

Our son is a hilarious 7th grader.  Elected to student government and loved by his teachers, he is an all-around amiable guy.

But keeping it real, we all have strong personalities and our house  is often loud and very active.  

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My Career

Before I was a wife of an attorney, I was an active duty US Army sergeant.  After going to school for Russian, I served as an Electronic Intelligence specialist.  I retired from the Reserves in 2011.  

I opened a retail wine and beer shop in my hometown.  Loved running that business for ten years until I sold it in 2011.  My staff and the customers I miss the most.  

Now, I'm a full-time mom raising our two teens.  But I like to keep current and productive, As an author, I created an adult coloring book for veterans in 2016,  So Lawyer's Wife is the first book where I am an actual writer.  I am also active as a mentor to small business owners in my community.

Lenden and Kimberly Kolb Eakin, husband, wife, lawyer, attorney, author, writer

My Lawyer

Lenden has been practicing law for 33 years.  He's so good!  I have clients reveal themselves to me all the time when I introduce myself.  They say the same thing - he's nice and kind, he's smart and he really listens.  For all the lawyer jokes, my guy is a beloved member of the community.

He is also an author and has published two books.  

Kimberly Kolb Eakin in her garden

My Hobbies

Besides being a writer and author, I love:

  • gardening, especially, daylilies
  • learning the bagpipe
  • tap dancing
  • clogging
  • listening to podcasts
  • reading non-fiction books
  • Bulletproof diet